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Frequently Answered Questions

1. How do I reserve A wedding date?

Look in the "Select A Service" tab. Find the appropriate service and select Explore Plans. Next, Select the appropriate monthly investment. Sign Up with your email and a password you create and then just wait for approval. No payments are due until after you've been given access and delivered all the necessary paperwork.

2. Do you accept payments?

Yep, we sure do. Couples can make payment through our payment plan options. Just select the appropriate plan that fits your needs. Set it and forget it. First create an account by providing your email and create a password. We'll create your profile on our end and notify you once you can log in and apply payment details.

3. What's your policy on rescheduling?

It's no trouble at all. Of course we'll have to check the new date for availability but, as long as it's available we'll be able to change the date without any delay. 

4. How long before I receive my wedding photos or video? 

Our aim is 1 week turnaround for sneak peeksWe officially ask for at least 4 weeks on projects or up to 8 weeks turn around in peek occasions.

5. Is Raw footage included. 

Not usually. Raw footage takes up lots of storage capacity and doesn't provide a very user friendly experience. 

6. Does CodyFilms offer military discounts?

Yes. We've chosen to pay the sales tax on our services for military service members or milage expense. 

7.Are there any travel fees?

Theres an 80 mile cap to our service area.Travel fee is only $2.00 per mile for events held beyond 30 miles from the center of San Antonio.

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