Frequently Answered  Questions

1. How much do you charge for wedding photography, videography or both?

I wish I had a simple answer for you. The truth is we offer A La Carte menu options so couples can pick only what they want. No predetermined one size fits all packages here.   

2. How do I reserve my wedding date?

Once we've pick out the right services together, you can pick to submit a deposit of 25% or pay the full amount to secure your wedding date. 

3. Do you accept payments?

Yep, we sure do. We can process weekly or monthly payments

4. What's your policy on rescheduling?

It's no trouble at all. Of course we'll have to check the new date for availability but, as long as it's available we'll be able to change the date without any problems. 

5. How long before I receive my wedding photos or video?

We ask for at least 4 weeks on some projects or up to 6 weeks turn around in peek season.