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Launching CodyFilms & Family

Show your support by joining the online community through Instagram @photosandfilms. Gain incentives for interacting or go VIP status with monthly contributions.

CodyFilms and Photographs is offering fans of our work the opportunity to invest monthly for one year in exchange for reduced rates and priority scheduling. Consider the family gatherings you'll host this year, or the family holiday cards you'll send out. This offer is also good for small events and ceremonies.

Join the family in a different way by sending us a "I wish a photo session with CodyFilms" video that we can post with the images we'll provide you just for making a wish.

For those that have collaborated with us in the past - We haven't forgotten about you. Make 5 post in one month containing images we've taken together and tag @photosandfilms as your photographer to receive $100 off your next portrait session.

Take advantage while these opportunities last. Contact us at for more Information and details on each option.

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